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Facilities Hotel Savoy

Non-smoking area
The hotel is completely non-smoking.

Luggage room
Store your suitcases and bags in the luggage room, should you have arrived early. After checking out you can leave your luggage there as well. The luggage room is accessible to all guests of the hotel.

After arriving, you will not meet up with a traditional receptionist; you will meet a host/hostess. This person welcomes you hospitably and informs you of all the services of the hotel.

The wireless system provides you with unlimited access to the internet from anywhere in the building for free. No login is needed and use of the internet is free. Also, in the lobby there are a computer and printer for you to use.

Here the day starts with a generous breakfast. You can eat and drink as much as you like. The chef cooks your breakfast on the spot, while you enjoy your tea or coffee.

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